Top 3 Curling Videos Ever

So, what do curlers do in the off season? Watch curling videos on YouTube of course. We took a look into the most popular curling videos ever and learned curlers have a real sense of humour mixed with pride for Jennifer Jones.

Take a look at 3 top curling videos ever….

In first place from 2011, we have the human curler in an ad for BIC. Over 5 million curling loving fans watched this in confusion. Great shot!

Next up, a good old cat video. This one makes the rounds on Facebook every year! No animals were harmed in the making of this video. Would this video be just as funny with any other animal?

In 3rd place from 2006, we have our very own Canadian Jennifer Jones. “The Shot” was perfect, scoring 4 points with her final stone and winning the game. CBC analyst Mike Harris described it as “the best shot I’ve ever seen to win a game”. The quality of the video is terrible but impressive enough to be watched by close to 2 million fans.