Our Difference

In 2016, we launched Title Sports Live. For the first time, amateur sports and young athletes were given a professional platform to demonstrate their athletic abilities. Through live streaming, we were able to capture visually stunning performances and offer it in real-time to mobile devices, websites and social media platform.


With our powerful Broadcast Graphics Creator, we brought impressive in-game graphics such as Player Profiles and Team Comparison to live audiences around Ontario. Supporting young performances with our instant replay and slow motion engine gave us the ability to provide athletes at any level the opportunity to relive their perfect moment.


In 2018, we built on our foundation, pushing ourselves to be more creative than ever before. With our new multi-camera integrated IP production system we are now able to capture live performances instantly from multiple cameras anywhere in Canada. This means viewers can enjoy a live event streamed from BC that we control in Ontario. We no longer need to be in the same city as the game, which significantly reduces the cost associated with producing a live event.


Through improved Live Rendering Technology our broadcast graphics creator can now provide 3D animation to our on-screen graphics package, giving viewers a more visually stunning, data-driven insight into their sport. Video animation of athletes is now seen in Player Profiles and Team Comparison instead of pictures.


The faster the action, the greater the need to capture the moment. With our new built-in Multi-camera Replay Server, producing real-time slow-motion action with razor-sharp clarity has now become standard.

Every generation sees an emergence of technologies that allow for new industries and businesses to emerge. That time is now, and your choice is TSL.

A revolution has occurred. Advertisers are moving to the Internet.  Streaming of championship sports presents a new opportunity to advertisers. 

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