Warm up essentials for every curler.

“Fitness advice for both competitive & league curlers” brought to you by Stephanie Thompson & Empowered Performance Part 1: Warm-Up Essentials for Every Curler The following are some tips to help get everyone of all ages and abilities ready fo

Top 3 Curling Videos Ever.

So, what do curlers do in the off season? Watch curling videos on YouTube of course. We took a look into the most popular curling videos ever and learned curlers have a real sense of humour mixed with pride for Jennifer Jones. Take a look at 3 top curling

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BetweenTheSheets: Team World Domination Continues.

If you have been following along with the #TwineTime blog #curling coverage since the start of the season, you should notice a prominent theme.  From the Season Preview blog post to last week’s post, #TwineTime has consistently stated The World Is

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Bring on the Fantasy Curling.

What the heck curling?  Seriously, how have you not dived into the fantasy sports circle more?   Now I must admit, I did see growth on this topic last season during the Brier with large fantasy pools and loser pools going around.  Quick aside, #TwineTi

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World of Curling.

September is in the books, and a new (northern hemisphere) curling season is firmly underway.   Here are my top 3 curling happenings from September. It’s curling again! Last year’s nightmare of ‘broomgate’ looks to be behind us.   The Sweeping

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A Change Can Do You Good.

 This is a pivotal year in curling.   The 2016/17 season officially starts the Olympic cycle!  This will be the first season for teams to earn qualification points and direct entry berths into the Olympic Trials and/or Pre-Trials events.  This is what

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Broomgate Continues.

Yes, I am sorry to say folks but this saga of sadness will not drift over to the bumpers this season.   Sure a lot of headway was made in the off-season with the Sweeping Summit and online survey.  Yes, we have moved a step forward on this issue.  But

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